the first official Luna Wolves tournament!

The prize will be a warhammer basic package for both team mates that win the event! (or equivalent Basic package)

All LW members are welcome to participate in the event (Registration is $2 US)

Round robbing will be held January 15 starting 1700. Two man bracket challenge January 16 (Time start TBD)

- A minimum of 12 pilots is required. (If the goal is not met, refunds will be provided)

Participants will participate in a 1 vs 1 round robin to determine Teir ranking. (Consisting of 3 rounds)

-You will first face opponents within your "MWO" tier. (Moving up one tier based on a Victory and down one tier upon defeat)

-After round robin results, a RNG will be used to match up teams of two. (ex. 4 lowest scores and 4 highest scores are randomly matched)

After teams are made, a bracket style tournament of 2 vs 2 will be played. (Best of 3)
-Tonnage will go as followes: 1st match(100), 2nd match(175), 3rd match(125)

Winners will receive the Basic Warhammer pack gifted upon results.

Visit for entry

-If I am on the winning team, a second winner will be chosen at random.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.