Don't mind the construction 
Rebuilding the site from scratch 
Currently looking to rebuild this unit! Looking for members from all genres of games along with members looking to take a leadership role in either managing certain game unit's and/or managing the website, TS and unit as a whole along side my management. 
A brief history of LW. This unit was started in coordination with the release of MWO (Mechwarrior Online - 2012) During the infancy LW was a top 5 unit in competitive play, not only due to skill. But due to friendship, strategy and cohesion that was built among one another. A strong bond was built over approximately three years with the core of the group. Lot's of great friendships were made and lost, some still remain! Due to the lack of interest in MWO along with the loss of leadership, many members have moved on. 
Now I am looking to bring back this unit again! In a casual and potentially competitive sense. Looking for like minded individuals who get along well with others, can be mature and contribute to the success of the unit. Look forward to the applications and meeting you all! 
Primary Voip is Team Speak, I also have a Discord channel setup if that is what the majority prefers. 
A forum post will be presented for voting in terms of which games everyone would like to play. Please vote so I have an idea on where to recruit. If a game is not listed, please post in the comments.